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Visitors from Hamm, Germany

We will be welcoming a delegation of 14 visitors from our first sister city, Hamm, Germany.  They will be doing homestays and there will be activities planned.   Stay tuned for more about their itineraries as the committee finalizes plans.

If you would like to be a part of the committee to plan activities for their time here, please call or email Andrew ( or 253.571.8156) or Karen ( or 423.653.8666).  We would love to have your help!

The following folks will be visiting from Hamm in October:

Stefan Johnen

Ursula & Ulrich Kemper

Gabriele König

Irmgard & Arno Meyer

Petra Henke-Möller & Amelie Möller

Ilona & Norbert Schaeg

Wolfgang Schriek & Uta Mai-Schriek

tourist guides: Farina Pander & Ruth Künzel