Our Sister Cities

Chattanooga Sister Cities now enjoys seven sister partnerships:


Tono, Japan

Tono (遠野, Tōno) is a rural town in the hills of central Iwate Prefecture. The area is notable for its rustic landscapes and traditional farming culture. But Tono is best known as a repository of Japanese folklore due to its legends of spirits, animals and supernatural creatures. This rich oral tradition was passed down through generations of storytellers and eventually collected into a book by the pioneering folklorist Yanagita Kunio.


Hamm, Germany

Located in the Nord-Rein Westphalen province of Germany, Hamm is Chattanooga's first Sister City - a partnership that was forged in 1977 through a common bond of enterprise. Dupont Chemical had large facilities in both Hamm and Chattanooga that made the partnership a natural fit. Although those factories have long been closed Chattanooga and Hamm have only strengthened their relationship through cultural and student exchanges. 


Wuxi, China

Wuxi (无锡)


Nizhnii TagiL, Russia

Description (Нижний Тагил)